Studio Formagramma is a multidisciplinary design studio[email protected]

studio formagramma is a small freelance graphic design studio. We are not only a creative agency → we also deal with design, exhibition and illustration. studio formagramma poster Catania, illustrated poster

We work on small and large scale multidisciplinary projects, collaborating with a network of professionals to offer solutions that involve various disciplines and media. Our approach reflects our passion, the constant research of new languages and expressive forms, poised between rationality and abstraction, method and impulse, idea and form, complexity and synthesis.

visual identity monica leggioMonica Leggio, visual identity

Studio formagramma is based in Syracuse, Sicily, but we work with clients from all over Italy. periple micro editions Periple, micro-editions Our land has provided us with the impulse for the self-initiated series of illustrated artworks periple → a small collection of multiple and micro-editions related to the cultural and territorial Sicilian iconography.

periple notebook Periple, notebook

A contemporary reinterpretation of Sicily represented by adopting new expressive languages, without forgetting the enthusiasm with which artists and travellers of the nineteenth century have walked, observed and described the Sicilian island, with the aim of arousing curiosity and interest in our land.

periple book sicilia mitica Periple, book and illustrated artworks

We curated the design and visual arts website formagramma → a digital platform that selects and collects contemporary design, graphics and illustration, aiming to promote the works of young artists and designers from around the world.

formagramma, design and visual arts webzine Formagramma webzine, website

If you want to know more about our creative and communication agency or want to talk about a project send us a message → [email protected]

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