Studio Formagramma is a multidisciplinary design studio[email protected]

We deal with graphic design and visual communication developing projects that interpret professionals and companies needs and communicate their ideas through signs and images.portfolioMonica Leggio, portfolio

photography bookGiuseppe Marano, photography book

We provide specific design solutions according to different needs → editorial design, catalogues, posters, business cards, corporate brochure design, creative logo design.

sicilia mitica book coverSicilia Mitica, cover

We also deal with many other graphic design services → packaging design, wine label design, graphic design flyer, brochure.

menu sandwichesMinĂ¹, menĂ¹ panini

bottle packagingFruit juice, packaging

If you want to discuss your project with our graphic design studio, you can contact us at [email protected]

freelance graphic designgraphic design studiovisual graphic design